Transmedia Storytelling Experience

Credits: André Peixoto, João Mota, Tiago Devezas, Nerea Castro, et. al.

After receiving an unsettling letter from his mother, João Mello, a Portuguese young man living in Melbourne, launches an appeal on social media: he urgently needs something from Porto in order to help his ailing sister, requiring the locals' assistance until his arrival a few weeks later. As they advance in the experience and gather more information, participants will find themselves in the midst of a centuries-old conflict between two families.

This transmedia experience has been designed to engage participants on different platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube - and the physical realm, crafting the main characters as real persons to encourage empathy and foster participation in this adventure. Honouring Jules Verne legacy, the story explores a scenario where the events of his novel "Around the World in 80 Days" were to be true but something very important was left untold.